My Yoga Journey: Meeting Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, and Other Remarkable Yogis in India

Yoga Insights: Reflections from a life of yoga practice

Yoga Insights is an invitation to explore the place of practice in a life guided by a path.
Price: 18$

Yoga’s Secret Breath – The Ancient Practice Of The Ten Vayus

The first and only book about the Ten Vayus.
Price: 16$

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

In this much-anticipated volume, Orit Sen Gupta’s attentive translation serves the needs of students of wisdom and practitioners of yoga alike.
Price: 18$

A Little Book of Yoga
The seven vital principles of practice

A Little Book of Yoga sketches out for the reader a brief history of yoga, from the period of the ancient Indus Valley and to our day, describing the lives and teachings of various yogis.
Price: 12$

כריכת הספר מדריך האימון למתחילים מאת אורית סן גופטה

Vijnana Yoga: Beginners Practice Manual

The Vijnana Yoga Beginners Practice Manual is an invaluable companion for people who have just discovered yoga and wish to practice on their own.
Price: 8$

כריכת הספר מדריך האימון של ויג’נאנה יוגה

Vijnana Yoga Practice Manual

The heart of Yoga is practice.
Price: 10$

Das Geheimnis der Vayus (German Edition)

Die zehn vitalen Vayus stellen eine Yoga-Praxis dar, die aus alten Zeiten stammt und uns nahezu verloren gegangen ist.
Price: 25.99$

Dancing the Body of Light

Dancing the Body of Light is the title of the book that Dona has brought out with her student and fellow yoga teacher, Orit Sen-Gupta.
Price: 94.35$

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